Yes! We are still alive…

Very crazy and hectic here on the Ridge. In the past seven weeks, we have had 10 new babies. Seven of them are “bottle babies” that need fed three times a day. Sorry for our lack of pictures…the camera is officially dead.
 We are currently milking four does twice each day. Toss in new tenants for the rental and a couple of trips for KC and a couple of seminars for PC and the whole month of March blew by.
We are still seeing some snow each day…some days more than others. Although it does look pretty on the trees and bushes, highlighted by a bright red cardinal, we are definitely ready to be done. There is so much to do in the spring and this year seems busier than ever.
Some days we think it would be heavenly to live in town and just enjoy small town life but we know we would probably be discontent because God has given us a purpose and a plan and it is here on the Ridge. Getting ready to celebrate the Resurrection of our Lord and thankful to be living on the land.
Until we meet~God Bless!

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