Working on the flower gardens – again

We spend way too much time on these flower beds.

The beds are mostly perennial flowers, which means they come back every year. That’s a good thing because you don’t have to buy new flowers every year; on the other hand, every year the plants come back they get bigger. That means every few years you have to dig things up, move things around, divide the plants (which means you have even more plants!) etc.

The dirt also needs replenished periodically. These beds were originally planted shortly after we moved in, when our daughters were getting married. We’ve worked on them off an on over the years, added plants, etc. but this year it was time to re-do them from scratch.

We lifted all the old plants from each bed, re-filled the beds with fresh dirt, and then re-planted the perennials. We also added a few mums for fall color.

They don’t look like much now but hopefully next year they will be beautiful again.

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