Winter Feeding Strategies

I calculated today the cost to feed the calves through the winter on an 80% corn/20% hay diet. It should be $90/head or $240 for the winter…That was with corn at $4/bu and hay at $100/ton (which I think we’ll get it cheaper?) . Those were the industry prices I was using until I come home next week and get actual animals weights and Dad finds out the cost of hay (per pound or ton or whatever it’s coming as). If hay is real cheap though we might as well feed ad lib just to keep the critters warm (metabolic body heat and all). Anyway the point being that Dad maybe you should just talk to JR about getting a 1/2 ton of whole kernel corn (not high moisture, not cracked, not ground!). I think in the end this would be the easiest/cheapest for everyone involved.

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