What a REAL Excercise Outfit Looks Like

On The Ridge we do a lot of mowing for functional exercise and I thought you might like to see the latest in mowing attire for serious lawn maintenance. My mowing get-up consists of a ball cap to contain my hair and shade my eyes. A bug net to keep out any pesky gnats that try to bite my eyes and fly in my open mouth when I’m panting from exertion. A long sleeved dress shirt to protect my arms from sunburn and bug bites. Knee braces because our yard is uneven and I’m not as young as I used to be. Normally I spare the neighbors by wearing jeans to cover my lovely legs. High topped hikers because 5 ½ hours is a lot of walking and twisting my ankles is no fun either. Gloves to protect my hands from blisters and sunburn. It’s not the most attractive outfit but each piece serves its function well. Happy Mowing!!



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