We’re Back!!

I realized that it has been over two months since our last blog post…time to catch up.
The beginning of April was a whirlwind of activity as we prepared for our month long trip to Japan. Falling into the category of “curveballs and monkey wrenches” was being sidelined for a week with kidney stone issues, which required some tests and a same day medical procedure three days before we flew. Fortunately, I was cleared for travel and we left April 17th for the land of the Rising Sun. After 26 hours of travel, we arrived at our daughter’s home on Yokota Air Force Base.
During our month long visit, we took the opportunity to observe local gardening practices. We would have enjoyed visiting one of these farms and talking to local farmers but our interpreter informed us that Japanese farmers were VERY protective about their land and it would be considered rude to ask one of them if you could infringe on this very private part of their lives.  So we had to be content to look from afar, guess what the crops where, and be intrigued by the interesting products and processes that they used. We did visit one open air market but never got a chance to actually visit a produce market. We visited several parks to check out the flora-beautiful!! We also got a chance to see a reproduction of a 100 year old silk worm farm-interesting! Our trip included a day trip to Mt. Fuji and a train trip to Kyoto where we met my youngest brother for  a lovely two day visit. We toured many temples and various sights of the city.
The highlight of our trip was witnessing the birth of our newest grandson, Jagger Kane. Our daughter delivered quietly at home early on April 28th. Jagger weighed a whopping 9 lbs 9 ozs and was 22 inches long. He was greeted in the morning by his siblings, Cougar, Armour and Sabre. We enjoyed spending many days with these dear little people.
We arrived back in the States on May 12th and were greeted by a solid week of rain. It certainly put a damper on our plans to launch into gardening season. We used the week to purchase supplies: peat moss, flower and vegetable plants, fruit trees and berry bushes. We ordered 10 tons of dirt, a truck load of mushroom compost and mapped out our plots.
The past two weeks have been nonstop activity from sun up to sun down…we have utilized every ounce of daylight before and after our “day jobs” to haul dirt, manure, and woodchips to build new garden beds and replenish existing ones. To date, we have Garden #1 totally refurbished and planted and Garden #2 is underway with hopes that it will be finished and planted by this weekend.
It has been a hectic, exhausting three weeks and the rest of the summer is booked  solidly… I’ll share more about that later and hopefully include some photos as soon as we have 10 minutes to sit down.
Until next time, Paula

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