Wacky Weather, Broody Hens

The weather here has been a little crazy – although I’m not complaining. We’ve only had one major snow so far this year. The expensive snow blower I bought last year is sitting in the shed collecting dust. I don’t mind, really – I’m not a big fan of snow. I just hope that in 3 or 4 more months we’re not facing a drought. I realize the snow is there for a reason.

The weather also seems to be affecting our hens. We purchase Buff Brahmas last year in part because we want to start our own self-sustaining flock and Buff Brahmas are supposedly good brooders. Well, it appears to be true. There’s just one problem – it’s only February! The hens are apparently confused by the weather. We have two that seem determined to sit on a clutch of eggs (or golf balls, if that’s all that’s in the nest.) I hate to discourage them, but it makes me a little nervous to think about chicks hatching in March.


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