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Guys (and girls): I am asking for some input regarding where we head after “The Truth Project”.

I am currently working on a chronological arrangement of the gospels, and I am planning on using the resulting text to kick off a study through the New Testament. My question is, should I plan on doing the New Testament study on Sunday mornings, or do you think I should do the study on Sunday afternoon so the whole group can be included?

Let me know your thoughts. We have two weeks to decide where we’re going next.

Another thing I would like to start doing this year: I will post materials needed for lessons, etc. on this site. If you want them, you can either print them yourselves or download them to a laptop, smartphone, etc. and bring them with you that way. This will save us a small fortune in wasted paper and ink. Please let me know if this is OK with everyone. If anyone arrives that really does need printed materials I’ll print them before the meeting.


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