Tonight: a “minor victory”

Paula and I were both tired tonight, and we thought we wanted to just go out for dinner. We were both too tired to dress up though, so we thought we would just run to the local “fast food” joint and grab some fries, maybe a wedgie, and some ice cream.

We got in the car and drove a couple miles to the local eatery only to discover they are not fully open for the season yet – and tonight they were closed. Paula said “it’s a sign!” We drove back home, got some ground beef out of the freezer, and made hamburgers. Paula had hers on freshly baked whole wheat bread; I ate mine right off the plate. we had home grown peas on the side, and topped our burger with home made mozzarella cheese. I have to admit it was way better than anything we could have gotten from a restaurant or fast food joint.

We were tempted, but (with a little help) we did not yield…

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