The Tomatoes Are Coming!! Thank you Jerry Rigg!

The last week or so the tomatoes have started to ripen big time. So far, I have picked almost three bushels. This time of year we give thanks for our son Ryan, aka Jerry Rigg. Jerry has provided many entertaining moments on the farm, and occasionally a miracle or two as well. One such miracle is the “Squeez-O-Matic.” This wondrous device consists of a Victorio Food Strainer, an old end table, a few pieces of scrap lumber, various screws and bolts, and an old Makita electric drill. these elements are assembled in a manner that would make Rube Goldberg proud. The whole thing is ugly as sin and noisy as an airport runway, but we love it. We were able to juice a bushel and a half of tomatoes in less than 15 minutes (and the video proves it.) The juice goes in the electric roaster with peppers, onions and spices and simmers for hours to make a yummy spaghetti sauce. Hopefully we’ll be picking for a while and we’ll have enough tomato products to last all winter.


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