The State of the Flocks and Herds.

Yesterday was an amazing 65 degrees in NWPA. Apparently we just needed a break after a long seige with the respiratory flu. We decided it would be a good day to do a bit of hoof trimming and worming and let the animals out to get some fresh air.
I am happy to report that the goats are doing VERY well. Everyone has gained at least a few pounds but our young stock has doubled in size. At least two of the big goats have active kids on board so we are eagerly waiting for the big event. Our big buck has gained 60 lbs since his last weigh in. He weighs 150 lbs at just one year old and his new son is 40 lbs at just two months. They are nice looking bucks.
We also have a couple of massive roosters from the chicks we raised last year. They are getting a bit gnarly with each other so we let them out yesterday to run off some steam. The young hens seem to be laying nicely so we are enjoying fesh eggs again.
The weather has dropped back to “normal” winter temperatures but it was nice to have a one day break and dream of spring.

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