The preserving season has begun…

We haven’t even finished planting the garden, but we have already started putting food by for the winter. I planted some spinach last September and we ate spinach until December when the snow flew. By March, the spinach patch was up greening up and ready to eat.  I planted a second patch of various greens and soon we had tons of fresh greens to eat. So last weekend, I decided to try freezing a bit of spinach for winter eating. I scalded the greens for two minutes and drained thoroughly, patted dry with a paper towel and placed them in bags with layers of waxed paper in between. I’m thinking this will work well mixed with ricotta cheese for ravioli filling or mixed with cream cheese for a holiday dip. We also harvested a few onions that wintered over and we been enjoying them in our daily meals. The strawberries are due to start producing in a week or so…the fun has begun!

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