The Politics of Food

We enjoyed a wonderful morning with our friends from the Venango County Tea Party Patriots; Paula and I presented to the group on the topic “The Politics of Food.” Starting with a brief discussion of world views and how your world view affects your politics and your actions, we moved to a bit of history on the “food wars” including the work of German chemist Justus Von Ljebig, known as the “father of fertilizer”, who laid the foundation for the chemical-industrial philosophy of agriculture, and Sir Albert Howard, often referred to as the father of the organic farming movement. We discussed the state of society pre, mid, and post – WWII and the effect of the war on families, society, and the food supply; and we looked at the effect that Earl Butz had on agricultural policy in the U.S. in the 1970’s.

We delved into the current state of agriculture, including the “deadly six” chemical giants that control most of the food supply; the onerous regulations that force small farms and producers out of business or underground; the concept of “locavorism” and “food activism”; and what we at Big Oak Ridge are attempting to do.

The talk was well received, and we enjoyed our time with our patriotic friends!

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