The New Year- Week 2

Hard to believe that the first week of the New Year has flown by already. The Day Care has been pretty quiet for various reasons but life is super busy otherwise. In the slow spots, I have been cooking and processing butternut squash. I like the fact that I can pick the squash in the fall and not have to do anything until after Christmas. When the weather gets super cold, the squash starts to wither and it’s time to get it in the freezer. I steam it a bit which makes it easy to remove the skin. I usually just toss it in the food processor and mill it smooth but this year I decided to leave a few big chunks whole. I like to put them in the crock pot with a beef roast instead of potatoes and we also like to roast it. Yummy! So far I have done about 4 bushels and over 40 bags in the freezer. Yes! We LOVE squash.
We have been working diligently on our rental house. It took us a solid month just to clean up the mess.There was MUCH to do. The contractors finished repairs and renovations the week before Christmas. It looks great! But now I have to totally repaint the entire upstairs and at least one room downstairs, plus patching and touch-up to the rest of the rooms. New carpet is coming next week so we are under a real time crunch. A few brave souls have come to help me paint and it is slowly getting done. We are also painting ALL of the woodwork and installing a new hot water tank and dishwasher. Seriously praying for a tenant who will appreciate all of this hard work.
The year is booking up with game nights and family visits and a new list of seminars is SLOWLY coming together.
We’re working on our weight and fitness so that we can keep up. With all of these things going on, winter will be over before we know it.

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