The Myth of Certified Organic

The Cornucopia Institute produced a scathing report on the USDA Organic Certification program, detailing the corruption and political shenanigans that run rampant through the program. They called the report “Organic Watergate.”

I have said for a long time that if Monsanto’s puppet companies can be “certified organic” then the certification is meaningless. In fact, the USDA has done nothing more than serve as a vehicle which allowed the deadly six to “buy” the term “organic” and prevent anyone else from legitimately using the term. They did this in a calculated bid to prevent the organic food movement from posing a threat to their agricultural near-monopoly.

Now there is hard evidence to prove my point.

As the Institute’s researchers point out – “Although not a constitutional crisis on par with what happened during the Nixon administration, the USDA’s blatant disregard for the requirements laid out in the Organic Foods Production Act of 1990 (OFPA), and the intent of Congress, is illegal and has inappropriately favored corporate agribusiness over the interests of ethical businesses, farmers and consumers.”

Why am I not surprised?

Even more inappropriate activities of the USDA are detailed here in a press release on the Cornucopia Institute’s website.

It is interesting to note in this press release the tension that is building between the FDA and USDA; while I have no love for either organization the politics of farming often are a microcosm of the greater ills foisted on us by the bloated bureaucracy of our dysfunctional government.

I encourage everyone to declare your independence, at least in the area of food. Don’t allow yourself to be force fed by the agri-gangsters that pull the strings on puppet government bureaucrats. Step out of the artificial agrimania and into reality – where you know your food and your farmer, and where you take responsibility for what goes into your mouth.


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