The Locavorium

The Locavorium is where we compile information on resources and links related to Locavoria; where to get local foods and services, contact information, etc. This page is oriented to Venango County – our place of residence. We will post information on local sources for local foods; however, when an item cannot be obtained or grown or produced locally, we will post information on where to obtain “Fair Trade” equivalents of those items. We will also post information on items of interest in the pursuit of the small scale, sustainable lifestyle, microeconomics, and “voting with your dollars.”

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

NWPAGCNorthwest Pennsylvania Growers Cooperative
Northwest Pennsylvania Growers Co-op
257 South Cottage Road
Mercer, PA 16137

Fruit Tree Care
Roger Dotterweich
Roger is based in Andover, Ohio and makes “house calls.” He’ll come and teach you how to prune and care for your fruit trees. His seminar at Big Oak Ridge was very informative – I’m sure we’ll have him back!

FrankferdFarmsFrankferd Farms Foods
717 Saxonburg Blvd
Saxonburg, PA 16056
(724) 352-9500

Frankferd Farms also has other items available; some local, some Fair Trade, most organic.

Heating Technology (because in Northwest Pennsylvania, you’ve gotta have a way to stay warm!)
BioLite Stoves
Rocket Stove

Sandycreek Bee Farm
Jeff and Julie Lake
205 Pone Lane
Franklin, Pa


Roger and Dianna Hersman
3469 Georgetown Road
Polk, PA 16342
Roger and Dianna sell raw milk and they are licensed. The milk is not “certified organic” but it’s also about half the price of certified organic milk.


God’s Little Garden
80 Regina Drive, Site 9
Cranberry PA 16319
God’s Little Garden carries a full line of organic and health food type items; not all are local.

The Corner Cupboard and Deli
1200 Liberty Street
Franklin PA 16323
The Corner Cupboard is another local source of organic, bulk, and sometimes local foods, including Deli style meats and cheeses.

Deer Creek Winery
3333 Soapfat Road
Shippenville, PA 16254
Deer Creek’s signature wine is raspberry; they also have a delicious red table wine.
Carpet Cleaning
C&S Cleaning Services, LLC
Scott Smith
13012 Pachuk Road
Meadville, PA 16335