The Birds at Big Oak…

We have really been enjoying the birds this year. We have at least two pairs of hummingbirds, two pairs of bluebirds and dozens of goldfinches. We also regularly see orioles, house finches, rose-breasted grosbeaks at our feeders. Under the feeders we have mourning doves, rufous-sided towhees and a couple of fat squirrels. We have bluebirds nesting in our Big Oak birdhouse…they hatched four little ones in the spring and are just starting to incubate a second clutch of eggs. The house finches nested close by and their babies fledged last week…they are so cute…four little guys lined up under the feeder setting up such a ruckus that I looked out the window to see what was going on. They were sitting in a row on the deck railing while¬†Poppa plucked seeds from the feeder and hopped down to the rail to feed the hungry babies. He had quite a job satisfying them and they continued their clamouring until he had fed them all. The bluebirds must have taken their new fledglings to the big oak tree…we spent quite a bit of time¬†watching them circle the house and come back with a tasty morsel…they checked the birdhouse (in case anyone was left behind?) and then flew to the oak tree where I am assuming the hungry babies waited. I love listening to a chorus of goldfinches and I get a kick out of them trying to “hide” in the trees…their bright yellow plummage gives them away every time. We endure daily dive bombing raids from the hummimgbirds and love to hear their annoyed chatter as they vie for territory at the feeder. There are robins nesting under the deck and phoebes in the chicken coop. It has been a wonderful year for birdwatching at Big Oak Ridge.

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