The Big Oak Goat Update

Our little herd is doing VERY well. After last year’s disasterous start, we have had no issues in 2012.  Our big does weighed 150 pounds during their  last thorough check up. It is such a  blessing to see all of our animals thriving and well.

We added a few new faces to our herd this year. We purchased a four year old Apline doe in April; she did not kid as we were led to believe but is a pleasant addition to our little group. In June, we took the plunge and added Basil,  a purebred Boer buck. Although he was young when we got him, Basil seems to be maturing and growing into a nice herd sire. In August, although we really were not looking for any more goats, we got a screaming deal on three little Alpine does. Their lovely coloring added some variety to our herd and they are very loving and tame. Adding the dairy stock to our herd has calmed the Boer girls; they will even allow us to pet them now.

In case you lost count, our herd now numbers eight goats. They are doing a great job of reclaiming our overgown pasture, especially around the pond. That’s what we love about goats! With the onset of cooler weather, the does have been coming into heat and Basil is showing a great deal of interest. I am pretty sure we can announce that we are expecting!! A goat’s gestation is 145-155 days. We are looking forward to seeing our first kids near the beginning of the New Year.

Our granddaughter, Nia came to visit the “sheep-goats.” We spent some time learning that they were just “goats” and that they were VERY friendly…especially if the beak of your Angry Bird hat reminds them of a cob of corn 🙂

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