The berries are coming…and hopefully more chicks too.

We’ve been working on weeding our strawberry beds…two beds per night for a week should get us in pretty good shape for the season. The plants look healthy and are loaded with blossoms. Between May Mart and folks stopping at the farm, we’ve sold 25-30 dozen plants so far. This will be our final week to sell plants as the berries are already beginning to grow. Call the house, if you wanted berries and haven’t gotten them yet. The price is still 12 plants for $5.00.

I have had a hen trying to set for weeks…I named her Gertrude and just kept booting her out of the box because we needed the eggs. This week’s sunny weather has put the girls in decent production again, so I decided to let Gert give it a whirl. She is currently sitting on 15 eggs and due to hatch on my birthday. Wish her luck!

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