So thankful for Friday. Not that we will have much rest this weekend, but at least we will be together.
It seems that my “kids” are all going through the same phase at once….they repeat everything over and over…my least favorite phase. I need earplugs:)
Not much happening outside the last few days. My 5+ foot tall cosmos FINALLY bloomed only to snap off the very same day…at least they look pretty in the vase.
Ryan has been slowly but surely working on the workshop/goat-shed…the gnats have been nearly unbearable this week.
I have been dogging away at the basement bedroom. It needs a bit more touch up, paint-wise and then a thorough scrubbing before we can move furniture. We only have one week to get the basement in order for the Truth Project.
This morning I rounded up a truck load of stuff for Shelli to take to Harry & Amelia’s yard sale. That got rid of a bit of junk in the basement. Later, I replaced the torn border in the nap room and killed a few more spiders.
Tonight we have dinner with Dave & Iva and Brian & Lori-good times…I’ll be roasting a chicken.
Tomorrow the weatherman is calling for 80% chance of rain…not sure if we’ll be able to do anything outside but there is enough to do in the basement to keep us busy all weekend.
Sunday is Home Group-the men are”cooking” and cleaning up-nice. In the evening, my folks will come for dinner.

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