Tending the phlox by night…

Last year we added a couple of new phlox plants to our flower beds. One of them had a powdery mildew issue and looked pretty nasty all summer. This spring we noticed that the same plant was again covered in mildew…so I headed off to my books and cyberspace to do some research. I found out that phlox mildew is species specific…that was a great relief since it is next to my clematis. I also found out that the remedy for mildew is…wait for it…MILK!  I grabbed one of my dollar store spray bottles and headed to the fridge. I added a couple of drops of dish soap since one of my sources said that soap or oil would make the spray “stick” better. In just one application, I noticed a dramatic decrease in the mildew. I also gave the other two phlox plants a prophylactic dose just in case. We also switched from evening watering to morning watering since mildew prefers damp conditions…morning watering allows the plants to dry out during the day and helps prevent mildew. So I guess I should say, we are tending our phlox by morning…have a great day!


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