Soup and Bread

One of our favorite meals on the Ridge is soup with home made bread. We’re not fussy, we like all kinds of soup: chicken noodle, easy veggie soup, cream of broccoli (or cauliflower), potato, tomato, beef barley and even borscht. There is usually a pot of some kind of soup in our fridge for quick and easy meals.

Since tomorrow is our dairy farm run, I decided to scrub out the fridge and use up the rest of our milk from last week. A quick batch of mozzarella and a pot of cream of broccoli soup made short work of the excess. Soup always begs for bread, so I tossed some ingredients in the Kitchen Aid and whirled up a batch of whole wheat.

Inspired by one of those fancy food posts on Facebook, I decided to make bread bowls for our soup. I used my smallest Pyrex storage containers, greased and turned up-side-down on a cookie sheet.


2014-01-15BroccolisoupCream of broccoli soup is a perfect, mid-winter, locavore dish that utilizes the goofy side shoots that broccoli produces after it sets its main head. The variety I planted last year was a free sample from the Mother Earth News Fair called De Cicco. It is an heirloom broccoli that grows a small central head and prolific side spears. I was still harvesting broccoli spears when the freeze finally won. I sorted the spears into larger florets for eating and the smaller florets with longer stems I labeled “soup.” I froze these in 2 or 3 cups to a bag, and that’s what I use for my soup.

2014-01-15soupbowlThe result may not look like a magazine photo shoot, but we all know those pictures aren’t real food. 🙂


Until next time, Paula