The jars are filling up, the door is going up and the chickens are growing up,

It has been a bit crazy around here lately and none of us have had much of a chance to post. The guys have been busy on the barn project: digging a footer, pouring concrete, setting posts and framing to install the roll up door. Shelli and I have been busy in the kitchen doing beans and tomatoes. Last week we all went apple picking. The apples are very plentiful this year and we filled the back of our truck with 12-15 bushels. For three solid days, Shelli and I cooked and whirled and canned….the final tally: 191 jars of sauce and 23 jars of apple butter. We have a bushel left to peel and core for pie apples and a gallon of juice for jelly. Meanwhile, the beans decided to rebloom and produce again… I finally gave up and called in reinforcements…Harry came yesterday and picked over a bushel…baby Nia LOVES green beans.
The Buff Brahmas are getting really big…they’re about 17-18 weeks old and we should be expecting eggs any day now.
It will soon be time to put the garden to bed but not before we pull beets and carrots and dig potatoes…the fun never ends on a farm.