So Much For New Year’s Resolutions…

2014babynew yearI determined as the New Year rolled around to be more diligent about blogging. I was really hoping to give more insight in this crazy locavore lifestyle and just allow you to see how we live life on a day to day basis. As my kids would say, “How’s that working out for you?”
On Day 13 of the New Year, I cleaned out the fridge. A couple of bowls of leftover bean dip from our New Year’s party, a chunk of Velveeta (yikes) and a bowl of Cool Whip with something growing in it-where did that come from? I noticed that over the holidays, things tend to creep into our cupboards that do not live there the rest of the year-a can of (GASP) Crisco? It was for making frosting for gingerbread houses, I swear!! A bag of white sugar-ditto. Some random boxes of crackers and bags of chips. A locavorian nightmare!! Time to purge the kitchen and get back to real life.
Hubby and I have discussed that we are going to have to rethink how we do holidays and how to make new traditions in keeping with our principles, but something happens when the grandkids ask, “Are we making gingerbread houses AGAIN this year?”
We did manage to make it through Christmas without the traditional water-pumped store bought turkey. We roasted a couple of free range farm fresh chickens and a big chunk of venison. Our own mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes and green beans rounded out the menu. I let our non-locavore kids supply out-of-season salad and store bought bread.
Today I found a partial bag of “trail mix”…what a joke! Five or six almonds, two cashews and a TON of baking chips? Baking chips in trail mix??? Good grief! It really was pretty awful. But I also have a really hard time throwing out food, so I made oatmeal cookies and used the trail mix for interest. Hubby pronounced them delicious.
SO…on day 13, the decorations are all down and the house restored to mostly normal, the fridge is cleaned and I baked some oatmeal bread. Time to get started on a New Year of local eating.
Until next time, Paula

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