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Growing Power – Since its inception, Growing Power has served as a ”living museum” or “idea factory” for the young, the elderly, farmers, producers, and other professionals ranging from USDA personnel to urban planners.


ECHO: “At ECHO our goal is to improve the abilities of international community development workers assisting poor farmers by providing useful, important information and by networking their skills and knowledge with each other. We also provide hard-to-find beneficial food plants andseeds.” ECHO encourages us because it is close to our vision.


World-Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms, USA (WWOOF-USA) is part of a world-wide effort to link volunteers with organic farmers, promote an educational exchange, and build a global community conscious of ecological farming practices.




Harvest Hosts: Harvest Hosts is the first program in North America to offer RV owners FREE overnight stops at wineries and farms. Farmers and vintners gen
erously invite self-contained RVers (coaches, fifth-wheels, campers and trailers) to visit their vineyards, farms and orchards and to stay overnight free of charge.


100 Mile Diet: In 2005, Alisa Smith and J.B. MacKinnon began a one-year experiment in local eating. Their 100-Mile Diet struck a deeper chord than anyone could have predicted, inspiring thousands of individuals, and even whole communities, to change the way they eat. Locally raised and produced food has been called “the new organic” — better tasting, better for the environment, better for local economies, and better for your health. From reviving the family farm to reconnecting with the seasons, the local foods movement is turning good eating into a revolution.

The Humanure Handbook – One of the biggest problems with housing humans is handling waste. This is one possible solution.

POLYFACE-FARM-LOGO2Polyface FarmsJoel Salatin is somewhat of a folk hero among those who oppose the monoculturising of our food supply. Joel’s many books are valuable guides to recovering the lost arts of “real” farming while leveraging modern technology and knowledge to best advantage.




FourSeasonFarm_LogoFour Season Farm: Like Joel Salatin, Eliot Coleman has been instrumental in recovering and capitalizing on some of the lost arts of quality, small scale gardening and proving the viability of a small scale, year round farm operation – even in Maine, where winters can be fierce.

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