Raw Milk Scare in Pa…check out the real story!

There was an article in this morning’s newspaper about a potential raw milk scare in Pennsylvania. Please check out the Family Cow web site for the real story.

This is just another fine example of the media blowing a thing out of proportion and a wonderful farm family who gets caught in the crossfire.


Raw Milk Scare in Pa…check out the real story! — 1 Comment

  1. Well, as it turned out, the infectious agents really were linked to the Family Cow Farm. Nevertheless, I will continue to use raw milk. Why?
    1. You can never eliminate 100% of the risks in life.
    2. In this case the benefits are worth the risk (positive risk/benefit ratio.)
    3. Anything that doesn’t kill me probably makes me stronger.
    4. If it does kill me I’m ready to go.

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