Pre-Christmas busyness

The last month has pretty much gone by in a blur…we’ve been trying to get the rental house cleaned, repaired and back on the market…the contractors are hopeful that they will be done this week, the new dishwasher was delivered yesterday and the carpet is coming next week…that leaves us with paint touch up, replacing the hot water tank and getting the downstairs carpets cleaned. I sure hope whoever gets in there next appreciates all of the hard work.
So far, no new baby goats although we have a couple of girls looking pretty round. Their udders are starting to fill out so it shouldn’t be long now.
Yesterday I made noodles and angel food cake…a trick I figured out when I visited my daughter in Ohio. An Amish lady at their farmer’s market was selling noodles and angel food cakes…I thought, “Wow, how does she get all the egg whites to make so many cakes?” Then the light came on…duh, she uses the yolks for noodles! So I have been trying that trick ever since. My husband LOVES angel food cake and mixing the noodle dough is so easy with the new Kitchen Aid mixer that our daughter gave us for our 35th anniversary.

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