Planning and Preparation

tombstoneJanuary is usually the month when not much happens on the farm so we use this time for planning and preparation.

Some of the things we do include:
Looking back at the previous year and seeing what did not get finished on our To-Do list.
Making a new To-Do list and posting it on our kitchen cabinet.
Preparing for our visit to our accountant.
Taking a freezer/canned good inventory and determining what we need to plant this year.
Mapping our gardens and checking our seed inventory.
Catching up with friends that we never get to see during planting/harvesting season.
Teaching- this is our primary time for teaching cheese making classes.

This year our January project includes finishing a wall in our storage room. We have talked about doing this for years but this year it got bumped to top priority when we realized that “somewhere” under the shelves and totes, there was a dead mouse.
After moving EVERYTHING to find said mouse, hubby decided that he might as well undertake the long needed project. We are under a time constraint this year as we have company coming the beginning of February…maybe a bit of pressure is a good thing.

Until next time, Paula


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