Paula is crazy, and Paula is crazy 2

Every time I water our poultry, I think of my daughter Amelia.

When our daughter was still at home, and helping with chores, we purchased two five gallon plastic poultry watering fountains – the kind with a plastic tank and a bottom held on with tabs that fit into slots.Water Fountain

The two watering fountains look identical, but they are not. On one the bottom turns to the left to lock it on, and on the other one the bottom turns to the right to lock it on to the tank. Paula had trouble getting the bottoms on these sometimes, and she decided that the bottoms and the tanks were were not interchangeable. Amelia thought they were interchangeable, but Paula said “They are not. Just mark them so I know which bottom goes with which top.”

The result? Years later we still have two watering fountains for our chickens. When you turn them over to remove or place the bottoms, they say  “Mom is crazy” and “Mom is crazy 2”.

Kids; ya gotta love ’em.


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