More Butchering….

Did five more roosters today. We are enjoying the beautiful plumage of our “mutt” flock. Pretty to look at…good to eat:) We are down to 29 hens and five of them are monster white rocks…so they will probably go in the freezer too.

Dad also got more corn plus some straw for steer bedding. He also added a 6″ board to the front of the nest boxes (see previous photo) to keep the nesting material from falling out.

Tons of snow today….a far cry from two weeks ago. Guys took the kids sled riding.

Tonight we will work on the seed order. Never a dull moment.

Butchered Chickens today

Butchered chickens on schedule! 8 of the little buggers are in the freezer now. Averaging 3 lbs a bird. Not very big, and not very economical (we’ve got a small fortune into this flock) but this is our “learning batch”. This year I plan to get my birds earlier and have a truly free range flock which should cost a lot less to raise.

I also was able to weigh the steers better today:
Black = 414 lbs
Brown = 600 lbs
Red = 650 lbs

Might have the brown one and the red one reversed; I can never remember which is which. Anyway, looks like we need to increase their feed again.

Taping the steers

Still didn’t go very well, but we think the black and white one is about 400-450 lbs, the red one is about 500, and the brown one is a little over 500.

Last night of Chanukkah

Doing a small Chanukkah observance turned out to be more meaningful than I expected. Each night we lit another candle, read one of the Hallel Psalms (113-118), and prayed together. We did not attempt to follow the strict observance of the Jewish Chanukkah (no offense meant to our Jewish brethren, but we’re not Jewish, and we live under grace, not under the law) but it was spiritually edifying to feel a little kinship with the Israelites, and to pay homage to the Jewish roots of our faith. I hope to have a real menorah next year!

Thanking God for a great work day

Temperature got up to 60 F today.

Cleaned and re-bedded the chicken coop, built some nest boxes, put up a roost, worked on the garden a little. Know what that means? We’re ahead of schedule!

Ryan had more pics; these are some that Jon took, plus I turned Ryan’s the right way.

It was so warm we had a “picnic” on the deck for lunch.

Chicken coop fun

Today was chicken coop day. Cleaning and building nest boxes and roosts.

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Planning for the Farm Year

We started planning for the Farm Year, and it’s filing up fast. Ryan started a Google calendar where we easily map out the schedule.
January includes butchering, building nest boxes, and the weekly meetings so far.

Merry Christmas to all!

Everyone had a good Christmas morning and a delicious breakfast.

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Happy Chanukah

I am doing a “makeshift menorah” this year; been doing a little research on this commemoration. This is not one of the major feasts and is not in the Bible, but since it coincided with Christmas this year I thought I’d make a little bit of an effort.

Today is the fourth day of the eight day observance.