We got four eggs today…but it looked like one hen laid two at once and blew her guts out…pretty gross. She was still alive but beyond help, so now she is in the crock pot. Too bad, she was full of eggs and probably would have been a good little layer.

Got corn and straw this morning…

After yesterday’s 45* weather…16* is a bit chilly. It’s snowing again….

2009.02.15 No Meeting

There will be no meeting on this Sunday.
Paula and I spent the weekend at Matt and Erika’s, meeting our new grandson. It was a really good weekend.

My snow pix

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Good day!

28 inches + of snow on the ground. Made it to church (I am so thankful for four wheel drive). 14 people for lunch, 19 people for fellowship (had a couple of late arrivals).

The top picture was taken just a few days after Christmas when we had a picnic on our deck. The bottom picture is the same table today.

The home made granola was GREAT! Thanks, Paula.

One lesson: Granola works really well on an Airbake cookie sheet as opposed to a regular cookie sheet.

We had a good discussion about sacraments, which, Lord willing, will be continued.

First eggs

two eggs, two days in a row.

One is obviously a pullet egg; the others were surprisingly large for first eggs.

Chicken Feeding Strategy – Winter Months

This is our winter months chicken feeding.

We have a 5 gallon hanging feeder that I have been filling once a day. This seems to last them all day and there is usually a little left over in the morning.
We are using a mix of two feeds. I mixed 1 50lb bag of Layer crumbles, and 1 50lb bag of grower crumbles.
We have been using a bucket to water them since it’s freezing I have to knock the ice out every day and refill.

We have already started getting eggs, but we do not have a light yet to help regulate them.

Cattle feeding strategy – Winter months

This is the winter feeding schedule for the cattle in the winter.

Approx 6 pounds of dry shelled corn per animal (we have 3 steer so they get approx 17-18 pounds), once in the morning and once in the evening.
We keep fresh round bales of hay available for them to eat from. We have to pull this apart some everyday so they can get at it.
We also give them a quart of dried crushed mineral supplement every day.

Ours 3 cattle have been drinking approx 15-20 gals of water a day. This seems a little low to me from what I have read.

We have EGGS!!

The hens are four months and ten days old and today our “farm hand” AKA Ryan brought the first two eggs. YEAH!!