Summer in full swing.

Summer is in full swing. Nature is looking good. Elijah and I were out on the 4 wheeler enjoying some father-son time, and we came across a big doe just watching us. So we stopped and watcher her. We also found some tasty berries and a giant ant hill. I love summer and the woods!

The Forum …

I apologize for not keeping up with the forum very well lately. This is the busy season for farming, and I just haven’t had much time to “play” on the computer. I’ll try to get some updated info out there soon in case anyone’s interested.

Right now the updates are:
Strawberries aren’t doing so well this year – may have had frost damage.
We let the meat chickens out today after losing two to heat stroke. Bad on us.
No home group this week (June 28)

Painting with Paula

Paula stained all the decks and all the railings on the big house (and there are a LOT of decks and railings on this place). Her friend Wendy helped her, and I am thankful that I did not have to touch a brush! 16 gallons of stain (and counting – she’s not quite done yet).

Busy Week

We’re building a new herb garden on the west lawn. I was trying to come up with a way to use some old cement blocks Ryan had and this was the outcome. Tomorrow we’ll get some pics with the plants in – it looks way cooler with stuff planted.

June Farm Pix

Mr Loppy trying to escape.

The other 4 bunnies.

The big chickens enjoying the orchard run.

The baby chicks are getting big.

And there are a lot of them. 🙂

Things are growing

Nothing much new but it’s been a while…the garden is in and growing…some stuff looks like it could use a bit of help so we will fertilize this week. Our soil tends to be low in phosphorus.
Chicks are moved to the big coop and we lost one in the transition but the others look much healthier and are growing nicely. Hens are still producing like crazy.

Last evening we picked our first few strawberries. We netted the blueberries and strawberries and put straw around them. The grapes are setting new leaves…we are thankful that the frost didn’t entirely kill them.

The steers have stayed in…we are thankful for that too. This weekend we will finish planting the garden and work on moving the herbs and flowers.

Chickens, Garden, flowers today

Today I’m cleaning the big chicken coop and moving the chicks from the garage to the coop. Also continuing work on the garden – hopefully we’ll plant it today.

A couple of Poppies bloomed and I think some of the Peonies will open today. I’ll post pics if able.

Last night’s Truth Project tour was “God and man”. Very interesting. I’m really enjoying the series. I wish now I’d taken the training when they offered it and got a copy of the DVD series for myself.

Cow got out – AGAIN

I called in “late” to work. I’ll go walk the fence, check the charger, and kill the cow if I can catch it.

LOTS of work this weekend …

Saturday we got more rows into the garden – moved 2 1/2 tons of dirt!

Sunday was church and home group, both of which were pretty good, and a 10 mile bike trip.

Today’s goal was to move the laying hens from the big coop to the little coop to make room for the meat chickens in the big coop.

In order for that to happen we had to put up about 300 feet of chicken fence, build a gate, nest boxes, roosts, etc.

We managed to get it all done just as it was getting dark.

The laying hens are now in their new “digs”. We’ll see how effective the new fence is tomorrow when we let them out.

Chicken coop ready for chickens

We couldn’t get the boards to finish it completely so using what we had I filled the rest with chicken wire. It will provide ventilation on these 90 degree days we have been having. The ground slopes so much I had to make a ramp up to the door. Turned out ok for a $100 chicken coop.