Finally , some common sense about vaccines

jack-wolfsonDr. Jack Wolfson is a board certified cardiologist; he is in a position to know something about health and health trends. So when he says the argument over vaccines is wrong, I am willing to listen.

Don’t get me wrong, my children were all vaccinated and I understand the contribution that vaccinations have made to the quality of life. We no longer see iron lungs and children in braces, however, I do think that modern vaccinations or at least the way we administer them is very dangerous.

When my children received their vaccinations in the early 80’s, they started at two months and got a DPT shot and oral polio only. One shot and some drops covering four diseases…now the CDC recommendations start at birth and by two months, a child will have a total of eight injections covering 10 diseases, more than twice what my children received just 30 years ago. By age two, a child in the United States will have at  20-22 injections in the first two years of life.

Conversely, in 1975 Japanese law changed and children were not required to start immunizations until age two-interestingly, the infant mortality rate decreased until Japan became the best in the world. In 2002, Japan changed their laws again and children began receiving immunizations between three and six months of age; they are now fourth in the world for infant mortality, but still far ahead of the United States at number 34. In addition, although the starting age for immunizations was lowered, immunizations are still much more conservative in Japan than in the U.S. By age two, a child in Japan has gotten a mere nine injections compared the the 20-22 (some vaccines are combined into a single injection) a child in the U.S. receives. By age five, the child in Japan has had a mere 11 injections versus the 36 required for a child in the U.S. to start school.

So if we are so interested in “protecting” our children, why then does the U.S. rank 34th in the world for infant mortality and 1 of 68 children are diagnosed with autism? Japan ranks 4th in infant mortality rate and their autism rate is 1 in 475.

And why has the decision to vaccinate or not vaccinate become such a litmus test of “community responsibility?” If your child is vaccinated, and you have “faith” in the vaccine, then my unvaccinated child is no threat to you, right? At its worst Chicken Pox killed 100 people per YEAR; The Mumps and Measles virus are not fatal, contrary to what you may have heard; and the flu shot, heralded as the greatest thing since the polio vaccine, has been dismally ineffective at warding off  influenza; and may actually be encouraging more virulent and deadly new strains of the virus to develop. In contrast the number of people that die annually from correctly used prescription drugs is in the thousands. The number of children that die every year in automobile crashes and swimming pool accidents far exceeds the number who die from childhood illnesses. The way that issues turn into “hot buttons” is more a function of media hype and collective (and often erroneous) risk/benefit analysis than actual social welfare or increased health and longevity.

I won’t even go into all of the environmental  factors surrounding the poisoning of our children and the rise of autism rates…just check out another article about that here.

o your own research, make your own choices, do not just drift along allowing others to make your decisions for you. But realize many of the “facts and figures”, and much of the information surrounding issues such as this, is erroneous, or designed to appeal to emotions rather than engender thoughtful discussion. You have rights, and you have choices; not vaccinating your child, or deferring vaccination to a later age, is an important decision that deserves your informed consideration.