Wildlife at Big Oak Ridge – a really big TOAD!

We found this toad while we were working in the flower beds. He was HUGE! We left him there to eat the bugs; judging from the size of him he must be doing a good job!

Cows are done.

Meat pickup is Wednesday. We’ll bring it home, weigh it, and portion it out, and then those that bought a portion can come pick it up Wednesday night. If you can’t get the meat Wednesday you need to let us know so we can make other arrangements, as we do not have enough freezer room for all this beef.

Working on the flower gardens – again

We spend way too much time on these flower beds.

The beds are mostly perennial flowers, which means they come back every year. That’s a good thing because you don’t have to buy new flowers every year; on the other hand, every year the plants come back they get bigger. That means every few years you have to dig things up, move things around, divide the plants (which means you have even more plants!) etc.

The dirt also needs replenished periodically. These beds were originally planted shortly after we moved in, when our daughters were getting married. We’ve worked on them off an on over the years, added plants, etc. but this year it was time to re-do them from scratch.

We lifted all the old plants from each bed, re-filled the beds with fresh dirt, and then re-planted the perennials. We also added a few mums for fall color.

They don’t look like much now but hopefully next year they will be beautiful again.

A “Nearly Perfect” Hibiscus

One of our new hibiscuses bloomed, and it was just about perfect – very large, facing the driveway, no bug bites or anything! These things only last a day or two when they bloom, but they are sure cool looking.

Construction on the Workshop and Goat shed has begun

I have started working on the Workshop/Goat shed. I have had some help since my hand is still sore from being broken. Makes it hard to run a post hole digger. This will make a decent sized workshop and goat shed big enough for 3 or 4 goats. Maybe more. 🙂

New Chairs! Woo Hoo!

Today we were able to purchase twenty chairs for the community meetings. These chairs will be used this fall/winter when we are working on our video series.

Chickens to slaughter

At 5am the meat chickens were loaded in the truck to goto slaughter. Some of them were pretty heavy. Should be good eatin’.

More Changes Coming

I’ve struggled with the posts in the forum under “Calendar of Events” for a long time; they sort by default by “date/time posted” and you have to manually re-sort them by title to get them in order. So …
I’ve decided to rely more on the Google calendar that we’ve been using.

For those of you who enjoy techie stuff, Ryan has figured out how to sync this calendar with Ipods and other devices using Thunderbird (this may be possible with other interfaces as well).

In any case, from now on the actual SCHEDULE will be posted on the Google calendar. The Forum will have a new space called “Meeting Notes” or “Event Notes” or something to that effect. I will post the notes for each meeting/event there, and I will post them in chronological order so that they show up in chronological order.

I think this will help avoid confusion and hopefully make the forum more user friendly.

The Truth Project comes to Big Oak Ridge

Paula and I finished the Truth Project last night. Powerful presentation. We’ll be starting the Truth Project at Big Oak Ridge on October 4. I started a group sign up on the Truth Project website. Click on “join a small group” and search by state or zip, you’ll find “Big Oak Ridge” listed. Please join the group if you plan on attending. I’m really looking forward to this. I signed up as a leader to get the group registered but I think Tony and I will actually be co-leading. I’ll get this on the schedule of events on the forum soon.

the sober truth about “population control”

This is the true result of the West’s preoccupation with “population control”

You sow to the wind, you reap to the whirlwind. (Hosea 8:7)