Our First Harvest Hosts Guests

DSC_0819DSC_0807We had our first Harvest Hosts guests last weekend. Shawn and Donna spent the night with us and were brave enough to park their massive motorhome along Bowman Road. We had a great dinner on the deck and enjoyed making some new friends. We hope their travels will bring them this way again some day.


Our First Harvest Hosts Guests — 1 Comment

  1. Hello,

    My wife and I met an amazing couple at Big Oak Ridge in PA recently, Kenton and Paula. We are Harvest Host members and found their location from the website. What peaked our interest was the mention of experimental, sustainability and reproducible. We also learned a new word, “locavore”, eating what is produced locally within a certain radius from your home. During our conversations about cooking, I tried and now use coconut oil for cooking my eggs, fish and other items that I previously used olive oil for.

    We had a great time seeing goats and chickens and the over twenty fresh eggs that Paula got from the chicken coop. It was amazing to us as we have only seen eggs in the store refrigerator.

    We will try to stop by again in August during our travels.

    Shawn and Donna

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