Our dear friend is gone!

13 years ago on a freezing February day, we brought home a tiny white ball of fluff. Quixote became our family friend. He kept me company when the kids were in school and wandered our farm surveying his domain. Each Spring he got wanderlust and took off through the woods for a couple of days but otherwise he was a good and loyal companion. 8 years ago he bagan to lose his eyesight until he was completely blind. As we debated putting him down, our daughter, Erika, pleaded with us to let her take him home with her for his “retirement” He has lived with her family for the past three years enjoying the pampered life of a house dog. Today Erika and Matt were forced to make the hardest trip anyone will ever make with their pet, the final trip to the vet. Quixote lived a good life and brought lots of enjoyment to everyone…we all loved him in spite of his uncontrolable fur. We will always remember our loyal friend RIP Quixote!


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