Our Adventure in the Swamp

So, we went to the Geneva Marsh with the kayaks last weekend – probably our last kayak outing ┬áthis year. Definitely different than anything else we’ve done with the kayaks. [hover over each image to read the caption.]

We entered the marsh based on some internet directions we reviewed – directions clearly meant to let you “view” the marsh, rather than launch a kayak into it! We had to make our way through a small hole in the vegetation to launch our kayaks, then paddle about 20 yards before we actually reached open water.

Once on the water we passed under a very low bridge, then made our way to the I-79 bridges. I probably ruined some young kid’s plans… when we paddled under the I-79 bridges we realized there was a nice boat launch there. I paddled up to the launch just as an old pickup approached. I walked up to the truck to ask how he got down in there; in the truck were a teenage boy and girl. It didn’t take much to figure out why they were there, and it was kind of funny because the kid “couldn’t tell me” how he got there.

After we got off the marsh we went for a little drive and figured out the route to the boat launch. We wrote down directions, which I offer here for anyone interested (adults, not necessarily amorous teenagers):

SR 322 to Cochranton.

SR 173 toward Meadville.

Right onto PA 285.

Right onto 19 North.

Right onto Rung Road.

Right onto Shaffer Road.

Boat Launch will be on your right. There is a sign, but you have to watch for it. We had great difficulty finding any directions to this launch on the web, so hopefully this will help someone else!



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