Northwest Pennsylvania Growers Cooperative

NWPAGCOn Wednesday evening, we attended an information session at the Cranberry Wellness Center/God’s Little Garden presented by Eric Philson from the Northwest Pennsylvania Growers Cooperative (NWPAGC).
Eric explained that there are 18 farmers in the Cooperative all living and growing within Venango and the surrounding counties. He gave a very thorough overview of the guidelines for NWPAGC and the quality of the food that these farmers were selling. We were thankful to learn that there are folks locally who were committed to producing naturally grown, GMO-free meat, eggs, dairy and produce. .
The purpose of the meeting was to inform local folks about the NWPAGC and the availability of obtaining new CSA shares for the 2014 growing season. Although we grow most of our own food, we were interested in learning how to connect with NWPAGC and how a CSA functions. We were also excited to learn that we would be able to purchase those things which we do not grow ourselves through NWPAGC’s web store.
NWPAGC offers CSA pickups in over 14 locations including two local stops, God’s Little Garden in Cranberry and The Witherup House Bed and Breakfast in Franklin. You can contact NWPAGC at or 724-662-1231.

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