No more plastic bags

One unintended consequence of the fact that we have virtually stopped shopping is that we are running out of plastic bags. This may sound like a good thing, but I have to confess – Paula uses the plastic shopping bags to wrap her dirty diapers from the daycare. This is not a practice we are proud of, but sometimes you have to do what you have to do.

We’ve been using cloth bags for a while but still have managed to accumulate enough of the dolphin choking plastic to keep our didies tidy. Well, no more (maybe.)

We’re getting dangerously low on the plastic crapper wrappers and soon we may have to find a more bio-degradable way to wrap the crap.

Life is full of challenges…


No more plastic bags — 4 Comments

  1. we were using lots of dolphin killers as crapper keepers as well but we found a solution. we take a diaper or wipes box and set it on the porch out of the way and every time we have a poopy we chuck the offending diaper in the box. on garbage day we close the flaps and set it to the curb. you could put it on your back porch where no one would see it and/or empty it into your big can daily. either way the stinkies are outside

  2. yeah, i hear ya… i had bought one of those bag holding thingies from IKEA and we CRAMMED that thing full! but simply due to the fact of using cloth bags for groceries and even walmart sometimes (if i remember) we are actually OUT! we use them (maybe 1 a week or so) for bathroom garbage. i actually had to snitch the one that miriam brought her library book home from school in for the recent garbage bag change 😉 let me know any ideas you come up with. certainly don’t feel like BUYING little garbage bags…. i suppose i could just use the can and wash it once a week… blech… a nice soggy pee dipe every morning 😉 haha…

    • A few years ago, when I was young and there were no plastic bags, we used paper grocery bags (now almost obsolete), or newspaper to line the trash cans. Sure, it didn’t contain the moisture or grease as well, so you had to scrub the cans. Also, there were no diposable diapers to add to the mix. Sometimes, trying to make our lives easier doesn’t always make them, well, easier!

    • I actually did buy a roll of pretty smelling bathroom ones…they were $2 for 100 since they really don’t need to hold any weight; but they really don’t fit the can very nicely. If it’s just dry tissues and clean stuff, I try to just dump it out into the main trash once a week. I’ve been using one bag for the whole day’s diapers instead of one bag per diaper…I can get away with that since these babies are tiny and not so toxic. I seem to get enough from the just pop in visits when I forget my cloth bags.

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