Nice rainy day project…

We certainly have had a LONG winter here in NWPA and now April is bringing its promised showers…it sure makes it difficult to get anything done outside. Kenton was able to clean up some of the flower beds on Sunday afternoon (his stress relief). We have mini jonquils and grape hyacinths blooming…the purple and yellow combination makes a cheery show after so long a winter.

Tonight it is raining AGAIN and Kent is working late AGAIN…so I decided to transplant the seedlings in our planting rack. I put over 70 broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage and brussel sprouts in paper cups. I also planted a flat of tomatoes, peppers, basil, chamomile and tossed in some nasturtiums for fun. I also sowed a bit of lettuce in the planting rack to see if I could get greens to grow in the rack. Then I planted squash, melons, cucumbers and zucchini in cups. I planted 125 cups tonight and the rack is clear full!! I’ll try to add some photos later but right now I think I’ll have to mop the floor 🙂

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