New plan for steer and chickens

Got more corn today; at $50.00 a pop the steer are bleeding us into financial anemia. The new plan is: I’m giving them a whole 50# bag of corn every a.m. – that’s all they get for the day. I have 11 or 12 bags now; I’ll make one more “purchase” of 500 lbs. and in the meantime I’ll schedule the steer’s demise. Not sure where the money for the butchering will come from, but I’ll figure it out.

The laying hens appear to be over their respiratory ailment, but they are not laying. We have two that are trying to set (both now in the same nest box.) We are going to medicate until the end of this week; then we’ll push the brooders off the nest, get rid of the old eggs, and attempt to jump start the laying again.

The meat chickens are also eating beyond our income. We found out the butchers for the chickens are on vacation, so the meat chickens have two more weeks. As soon as we can reach the butchers we’ll schedule the chickens to be freezer bound – hopefully within 3-4 weeks max.

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