New additions in the barn

With the influx of new babies and the need for some increased safety, we have recently made some improvements to our barn.
 I previously mentioned Basil’s new apartment.

He seems to be adjusting to bachelorhood and is actually calmer being in his own space.
This past Saturday we created a new pen for our bottle babies. The twins were getting seriously pushed around by the triplets and the two mommas. We also anticipate having more bottle babies as the dairy does kid so we realized that they needed a separate space. Their new home is 6 x 8 feet with lots of room for frolicking.

The mommas and triplets pen also needed a bit of refurbishing as the big girls had abused the wire pretty severely. We removed the old 2 x 4 wire, installed an upright post and used 2 x 6’s to make a study secure space for the meat mommas to raise their collective brood.
We still have a pile of rough cut lumber to finish the board and batten siding…that will have to be another day.

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