Never a dull moment…

Mid-winter is supposed to be the time where farmers sit in their rockers and warm their feet by the fire…that might work in fairy tales, but it sure isn’t true around here.
After the excitement of last week’s multiple kiddings, it would be nice if we could take a weekend off-no such luck.  I woke up last night and began a mental list of things that need to be done before Spring.
1) The fruit trees need pruned
2) Those pesky extra roosters need butchered
3) The buck needs moved and we need a pen for the dairy goat babies (coming soon)
4) The peach seeds are sprouting in the back of the fridge and need potted
5) The new baby goats need shots and dehorning
6) I need to make a seed inventory and get ready to order for this year
7) I need to get soil for the Gro-rack so that I can start some seeds
8) We need to order new chicks
It looks like the fire and the rocking chair will have to wait…time to go feed babies.

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