Mother Earth News-Sunday, September 23rd-Ira Wallace-Extending the Harvest

One of the things we are interested in here at Big Oak Ridge is Winter Gardening. On Sunday afternoon, We listened to Ira Wallace from talk about how she extends the season on her farm.

Ira talked about the use of greenhouses, cold frames and row covers as tools to help you produce crops past the normal growing season. She said it was possible to grow greens ALL winter in just a simple cold frame. She discussed timing and told us that it was definitely NOT too late to grow garlic, onions and greens this year.

It was encouraging to me because I have 185 plants of the cabbage family up and growing. It sounds like I may possibly get a harvest before Thanksgiving. It seems like I did the right thing with my timing for planting carrots and greens. We’ll see what the experiment produces.

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