Mother Earth News Fair- Saturday, September 22nd-Pluck a Lotta Chickens

Saturday morning the Timberstone Room was transformed into a butcher shop. Joel Salatin of Polyface Farm and David Schafer of the Featherman Corp. were there to demonstrate the Featherman Pro system and discuss the proper technique for humanely butchering a chicken. While David dispatched the chickens and scalded them, Joel removed their feathers and eviscerated them. Joel explained the proper and sanitary way to remove the chicken’s organs to prepare them for market. Although his record time is reported to be 20 seconds per bird, Joel slowly explained each step to the audience. I learned a few tricks and a few things that I wasn’t doing properly. The Featherman Pro system was awesome but probably out of my league for our small operation. David did mention that they have a “rental” program for small operators…that may come in handy at some point. I could see that you might even look forward to butchering day with equipment like that.

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