More Changes Coming

I’ve struggled with the posts in the forum under “Calendar of Events” for a long time; they sort by default by “date/time posted” and you have to manually re-sort them by title to get them in order. So …
I’ve decided to rely more on the Google calendar that we’ve been using.

For those of you who enjoy techie stuff, Ryan has figured out how to sync this calendar with Ipods and other devices using Thunderbird (this may be possible with other interfaces as well).

In any case, from now on the actual SCHEDULE will be posted on the Google calendar. The Forum will have a new space called “Meeting Notes” or “Event Notes” or something to that effect. I will post the notes for each meeting/event there, and I will post them in chronological order so that they show up in chronological order.

I think this will help avoid confusion and hopefully make the forum more user friendly.

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