MEN Fair Session #1-Your Brand, Your Story

The first session we attended on Friday afternoon was given by by Alison Martin from the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy. It was titled “Your Brand, Your Story: Marketing to the Green Consumer.”
Alison talked about watching the trends and the fact that “green” is IN and local eating is IN and dairy is IN. She said that people are very interested in knowing where their food is coming from and that means knowing the farmer. She told us that we each have a story to tell and that people want to know our story. Our story develops an emotional connection between us, our product and the customer. By listening to what others say about you and by telling your story over and over, people will get a sense of what makes your product unique and that will add value to your product.
Alison talked about the 5 P’s:
Product- What we sell and how it is different from what others sell.
Price- What it costs you to produce your product and what the customer is willing to pay.
Placement- Where will I sell this? Do I need a license?
Promotion- How do I get customers to buy my product?
People- Know your customer.
It ws a very encouraging first seminar and got us thinking about what our product might be and how to tell our story.


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