Meeting Topics

I’m going to start a list here of topics we’re likely to be discussing/exploring at our meetings. They are NOT presented here in any particular order, and we’ll be adding to this as time goes on.

2008.12.10: I’m going to start trying to organize some of these topics in preparation for getting them on the calendar. Feel free to offer any feedback that seems appropriate.

2008.12.25 NOTE: Ryan has added a Google Calendar link, and the Google calendar shows our events, as well as the schedule for “life on the farm”, in calendar layout if that would help you.

2009.12.03 NOTE: Well, we’ve been at this a year now. Some of the topics below could stand to be reviewed, some new ones added, and some on here we haven’t covered yet. We’ll be working on this list in the near future.

December 2008:
The Bethlehem Star (video) with discussion time? UPDATE: This is happening at the Oil City Branch

01.04: Open House. Ryan’s Birthday. First meeting of the New Year.
01.11: Seed buying/saving (Randy) – also discuss co-op possibilities
01.18: Regular Meeting. Project: Home made granola. – further discuss co-op options
01.25: Nutrition 101 Part 1(Paula) – menu prep, grocery shopping, easy basic meals, basic nutrition, cooking ahead, stretching what you have

02.01: Relationship between body/soul/spirit (Randy)
02.08: How to hear from God (Kent/Randy)
02.15: The case for Intelligent Design: Animals that defy evolution (video/discussion) – creation history and science
02.22: Discussion of prophecy in the body of Christ; Review of words from God regarding preparation etc. (Randy/Kent)

03.01: Vermiculture with Nancy Mansfield
03.08: Subject to be Announced (Randy)
03.15: Starting seedlings (Kent/Paula) Hopefully this will include a demonstration…
03.22: Communion (Kent)


04.18-19: (Tentative) Field trip to Growing Power, Milwaukee, WI. There will be no meeting this weekend.
04.26: Building garden beds, planning the garden, etc. (Kent/Paula/Randy)

Unsorted topics:
Chain saw maintenance (Randy)
Raising kids for God (Paula)

Raising chickens (Kent/Paula)
Butchering chickens (Kent/Paula)
Raising Goats (Kent/Paula)
Butchering goats (Kent/Paula)

Tools: use and care (Randy)
Organic pest control (Paula)
Canning/Freezing/Drying/Dehydrating foods (Paula)
Fruits: Strawberries, bush berries, grapes (??)

Personal testimonies (as the Holy Spirit leads)
Sewing basics – choosing a pattern, reading a pattern, picking fabric, using machines (Paula)
Gun use and care
The power of words, Blessings and cursings (may be two teachings or one, or part one and part two, not sure)
Water baptism
Baptism in the Holy Spirit

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