March comes in like a…whirlwind!!

IMGP1192Obviously 2014 is not going to be a relaxed, CanningShelvescalm year on the Ridge. We launched into March by completing our long needed canning shelf project. Our new shelf is eight feet long and holds up to 800 jars of canned goods….that should keep us for awhile.

As usual, our best laid plans did not materialize. We had a couple of projects that we thought we could accomplish in March but we suddenly found ourselves with¬† house guests for the first two weeks of the month when our son and daughter-in-law got a chance to have a second honeymoon in California. With the added addition of homeschooling and care for two grandchildren, our projects took a back seat. We enjoyed a dinner with great-Gramma, went to a ballet, read E.B. White’s The Trumpet of the Swan, watched The Blue Planet on Netflix, learned fractions, spelling words and did science experiments with Papa…plus a few perfect sunny, sled-riding days for P.E. Our days flew by.

The day their parents came to get them, we were spinning the revolving door as new house guests were arriving from Louisiana to attend a funeral. As we began to ready the basement guest rooms, we discovered a water leak apparently caused by the perimeter drains freezing in the last below zero spell. That led to some rearranging and serious cleaning before we had to rush out the door to the annual Lincoln Day Dinner. At least I didn’t have to cook. We arrived home late just as our guests were arriving…after a bit of visiting we all crashed exhausted into our beds for a quick night’s sleep.

Unfortunately, I overslept and had a near disaster as I was on schedule for serving coffee hour at church. Thankfully I was bailed out by a dear lady who jumped in to start the coffee and set up before I arrived. We rushed from there to set up and celebrate my Dad’s 80th birthday with a huge surprise party. Dad was totally taken off guard and thoroughly blessed as eight of his 10 children and many grandchildren and great-grandchildren were able to attend.¬† It was a good party!

StPatricksDayToday is St. Patrick’s Day and we are having a quiet evening at home and thanking God that the usual St.Patty’s Day blizzard has missed us this year!!

I’ve done a preliminary garden sketch and seed inventory and hope to start some seedlings soon. Spring is coming!!

Until next time, Paula


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