Lots of Babies!!

We’ve had a few weeks of wickedly frigid temperatures and tons of snow. The yardstick on my back deck measures 25 inches of snow.
In the midst of the severe weather, we had baby goats…on February 21st, Ariat had triplets and Daffodil had twins. It was a bit crazy walking into the barn for evening chores and finding five kids…especially since Daffodil was not caring for her kids and we had to perform some serious warming techniques to bring them back from the brink of death.
Ariat’s kids were all around eight pounds and lively.
AriatsTripsPaulaTripletsOver the weekend  we worked with Daffodil and twins, attempting to get them to nurse and her to care for them. Monday night the temperatures dropped to minus 28 degrees and she crowded them out from under the heat lamp and we lost them….we were devastated. I especially felt bad that I did not bring them inside. 🙁 It was a hard day.

On Wednesday, Kenton went for noon barn check and discovered that Lucky was birthing. I was able to be there just as baby #2 arrived and helped assist baby #3 when he was born breech. Two sets of triplets!!

LuckyTripletsLuckyTripsWe have  three new bucks and three new does and some different colors in our herd. These babies are growing and doing very well. Lucky and Ariat are great Moms. Stay tuned for progress reports.

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