Locavoria, Locavorious – food for the locavorian thoughtful.

Locavores eat local.An omnivore is said to be “omnivorous.” A Carnivore is “carnivorous”, an herbivore is “herbivorous” etc. So it seems to me we need some more forms of the word “locavore.”

As anyone who follows this site knows, a “locavore” is a subclass of “omnivore”. Locavores are omnivorous creatures who only feed on items whose source is within 100 miles of their principle dwelling place.

I thought about using the same exact syntax as the other words to convert “locavore” from a noun to an adjective, but “locavorous” doesn’t seem to roll off the tongue very well… is it pronounced LOCavoruous or locAVorous?

 I decided I like Locavorious better. It rhymes with “glorious.” But maybe that’s not an option… we want to be grammatically correct, after all.

And then there’s “Locavoria.” I would define “Locavoria” as “the body of knowledge and skills required to live a Locavorious lifestyle.”

Here at Big Oak Ridge we are working on collecting Locavoria. By its very nature, Locavoria is, and will be, well…local. After all, what grows within a 100 mile radius of my house may not grow within a 100 mile radius of your house. My growing season may not match your growing season.  I suppose, then, that the place where locavoria is collected becomes, de facto, a “Locavorium.”

There are, as we are discovering, many reasons to “go locavore.” At first we were looking for the health benefits, and they are many.

But we are only now beginning to understand that being locavorious really is (or is becoming) a matter of survival. Increasingly, a combination of bad consumer choices, disasterous government policies and regulations, and unscrupulous business practices is affecting our food supply. Monocultures have rendered our food supply vulnerable; the diversion of crucial food crops to failed energy policies has diminished the “supply” side of our food chain economics; and the questionable business practices of a few giant companies (six, I believe, to be exact) have led to the loss of profitability for farming as we once knew it. Today the family farm is all but gone, a nearly forgotten relic of a bygone era. The farm has been replaced by the agribusiness complexes, where animals are bred, born, raised and slaughtered in the most unnatural and often hellish conditions; where the very genetic material of plants is twisted and distorted in ways that leave the ancestor unrecognizable in the progeny – or lead toProgeny no longer resemble ancestry progeny with no real ancestery at all.

 We have built for ourselves and our offspring a food culture house of cards, and we may yet see the day when that house of cards collapses. Our hope here at Big Oak Ridge is that, when and if that day ever comes, there will be enough of us who have recovered and developed the skills and knowledge necessary to produce, store, and prepare our own food that we can quickly mobilize resources that will restore our natural food supply and prevent starvation, at least for our immediate environs.

I pray that scenario, and the incumbent needs will never develop, and they may well not; that does not render locavoria any less useful. Our secondary aim at Big Oak Ridge is to truly understand how to best feed the masses – not necessarily those who are content with their Big Macs and Olive Garden dinners, but those who for whatever reason may not have as many options in the world of sustaining themselves. Locavoria can help there, too.

If the omnivore has a dilemma, the locavore has the solution. The Locavorium may not be devoted to food supply alone – in our case, we hope that our locavorium may one day encompass food, water, energy, housing, and hygiene – all the things necessary to a productive and sustained lifestyle.

It is also a way to “put our money where our mouth is.” We have long been suspicious of the way food is produced, processed, transported, and regulated in this country. Locavoria will help us “disconnect” ourselves from big agribusiness and support our local economy.

¡Viva el suministro local de alimentos!

Es lebe die lokale Nahrungsmittelversorgung!

Да здравствует местного продовольственного снабжения!


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